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About Us

Mission Statement

KU`IKAHI strives to develop the complete student athlete.

We challenge our athletes to improve on a daily basis with continuous skill development.

We take great pride to instill respect, teamwork and sportsmanship; educate on the importance of
health and wellness; create a positive learning environment; and assist athletes to develop
and achieve their goals.

Through the use of positive and proven coaching methods, we prepare our athletes to compete at the highest level at national competitions.

KU`IKAHI is an inclusive volleyball club welcoming all student athletes who are willing to demonstrate the determination, work ethic and positive attitude to excel and achieve their volleyball goals.

History of KU`IKAHI

KU`IKAHI (Hawaiian translation - "To Strike As One") was founded in 2004 for the young men of Hawai`i who were interested in improving their volleyball skills and knowledge in a competitive, disciplined and organized setting.  Starting with 30 boys, the club's primary focus was to help develop and grow the sport of volleyball for boys in Hawai`i.  By the 2009 - 2010 club season, KU`IKAHI became the largest boys club in the State of Hawai`i with 10 teams and 125 young men from 22 schools statewide.  

KU`IKAHI has sent teams to the Junior National Volleyball Championships (formerly Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships) with great success: 2 Gold Medals (15 Club - 2007, 2008), 1 Silver Medal
(15 Club - 2006), and 4 Bronze Medals (14 Club - 2005, 15 Club - 2005, 16 Club - 2007, 13 Club - 2011).  During the 2010 Junior Nationals in Austin, Texas, 4 teams competed in the Open Division - the most ever from any club in Hawai`i.  In 2010, a club record was set with 14 seniors committing to play collegiate volleyball.

For the 2010 - 2011 Girls Volleyball Club season, KU'IKAHI will open it's doors to one Girls (16's) team.  We are are excited about this new venture.

KU`IKAHI will continue to remain true to the "Athletes First, Winning Second" motto and cultivating the sport of volleyball in Hawai`i.  We are proud of the success of our players and our commitment to represent the state of Hawai`i and our families with dignity, respect and humility while enjoying and
competing in the sport of volleyball.

512 Iolani Avenue #504
Honolulu, HI  96813